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Sharing spaces, connecting communities

At OpenSpot, we want to change the concept of parking.

The problem:
Downtown and in densely populated areas parking can be expensive or impossible to find near your destination. On average, in downtown Vancouver, 30% of people are driving around trying to find a parking spot. A study showed that drivers spend approximately 6 minutes trying to find a vacant parking spot.

The solution:
OpenSpot came up with the concept of shared parking. Our app (and website) allows drivers to find, reserve, and pay for parking seamlessly-whenever and wherever they need it, either in advance or on-the-go. Plus, it's cheaper parking than pay-and-display.

The parking spot owner deal:
If you are an owner of a parking space, you can list your spot with us, following easy instructions. You can choose what price you want to charge for your spot on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can modify or suspend your spot if your schedule changes. Your parking space will only show up on the market during the times you approve. After a driver finishes parking in your spot, OpenSpot will calculate the total time and cost and transfer the credit to your account.

Join us:
Whether you are looking for a convenient space to park, or looking to list your spot for others, OpenSpot is dedicated to making this shared experience quick, simple, and dependable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Spot Owner?

Register for an account on our website or through our app. From there you may set your own schedule, decide on the hourly rate, include any important notes about your spot, and upload a picture.

Why Should I list my Spot?

Once you list, OpenSpot does the rest of the work for you. Our marketing team finds the best way to advertise your spot in order to maximize revenue.
• Earn money for yourself
• By sharing your Spot you'll help alleviate estimated 30% of urban traffic caused by drivers hunting for parking

What is my Spot worth?

This depends on parking demand in your area and the amount of availability of your schedule. The range varies widely from $50 to over $300 per month for a favorable spot.

How do I get paid?

OpenSpot collects the revenue from drivers electronically and remits the parking fees to you at the end of every month.

What if I come home and there’s a car blocking my driveway?

We strive to prevent violators by patrolling our spots and checking our database to make sure our drivers are out in time. The OpenSpot app alerts drivers to move their car 15 minutes before your spot turns off. In the rare chance that you do find a violator blocking you, you have the right to tow the vehicle or we can arrange a tow for you.

How does listing a Spot work with my schedule?

You're free to set your availability calendar to accommodate your schedule. We recommend you list your spot for at least 20 hours per week, and the more hours you list, the more money you can make. If your schedule changes, you can update it on our website or through the app.

Where is OpenSpot Available?

OpenSpot is launched in our home city of Vancouver, British Columbia. We are currently expanding into other cities in British Columbia. Sign up, be the first to know when we launch in your neighbourhood.

I love this idea, is it legal?

OpenSpot has worked extensively to cultivate a working relationship with the proper authorities. Our platform only allows people with the rights to the parking spaces themselves to list them.

How do I start with OpenSpot?

It's a very quick process! Download the OpenSpot Parking app on your Android or iOS phone or go to "" to register your information.

Do you have hourly and monthly parking options?

Yes, we have both monthly subscription and on-demand hourly parking options around the city.

Won’t my car be towed if I’m parked in a private space?

No, not with OpenSpot Parking. We have special arrangements with our spot owners to make their spots available to our users. Just make sure to observe the spot's availability schedule, which you can check before you check-in to a spot.

How long can I park?

You can park at a spot as long as you want during the hours that the owner has set available for the spot. For curbside parking, any city restrictions regarding parking enforcement (hourly limits, street cleaning, etc.) still apply. We do our best to list this information in the app as well.

What makes OpenSpot Different from other parking apps?

OpenSpot is truly one-of-a-kind. We create new inventory for our drivers from non-traditional spaces like churches, schools, driveways, and businesses while still enabling you to find parking in commercial lots and garages. OpenSpot is the only company that can offer reliable parking in neighborhoods where parking garages don’t exist.

What are your hourly/monthly parking rates like?

Depending on the location of the spot and the time of day, our parking rates can range from $1-$8 per hour. You can always check the app to see a rate before you check-in. For monthly subscribers, our subscriptions start as low as $40 per month and can save you up to 80% per month off of the hourly rates!

Where is my money going?

Back into your community! Most of the revenue goes directly to the spot owner, supports local community members, their businesses and organizations. OpenSpot charges a service fee to assure that we can create even more parking options for you to enjoy.

I can already get free street parking. Why should I use OpenSpot?

Free" street parking still has its costs. It often requires circling the block hunting for a space and extra walking to get to your destination. 30 minutes a day spent looking for parking equals over 10 hours per month or 120 hours a year wasted. With a OpenSpot you can see availability in real-time and locate the best option for you. Less driving = more living!

What if I am having trouble with the app or just have a problem in general?

The OpenSpot app has a Report a Problem button that allows you to directly email the Customer Service Team. Also, you can always call our support line at (778)-791-3277. 24/7

What happens if my Spot is already taken?

If a spot appears on our map but it is taken when you arrive, then there is a VIOLATOR! Let our enforcement team know by using the 'report a problem' feature within the app. We'll take care of the violator in no time! If you reserved in advance, then we will refund you. Meanwhile, go ahead and check-in to another spot nearby. You're never too far from a OpenSpot!